Authentication and connection

The Keyclic API uses the JSON Web Tokens to secure data transfer. Every request to the API is made with an access token allowing the server to verify the user’s identity. When logging in, the user “receives” the token. This page goes through the process of creating an account, modifying an account, getting and using an accessToken.

For more informations on JWT standard, see : JSON Web Tokens official website.

Create a user account

A new user account is created with this request :

POST /security/register

This user gets a unique id and the role ROLE_USER, allowing him to use the API’s basic functionalities.

Log in

Log in consists in sending one’s credentials to the server to get an accessToken which will be used in future requests.

The connection is done with this request:

POST /security/login

If the credentials are known to the server, it returns an accessToken.

Use the token

Almost every single request to the API needs the user to be authenticated. The token is sent with the Authorization header with the prefix Bearer.

For example, to get the list of all feedbacks of the application, a user uses the endpoint :

GET /feedbacks
Request headers :
    X-Keyclic-App :
    Authorization : Bearer eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiJ9.eyJyb2xlcyI6WyJPUkdBTklaQVRJT046QURNSU4iLCJST0xFX1VTRVIiXSwidXNlcm5hbWUiOiJ0ZXN0MjJAdGVzdC5jb20iLCJpcCI6Ijc3LjIwMy40NS40NCIsImV4cCI6MTQ4OTI0MTQ0NCwiaWF0IjoxNDg5MTU1MDQ0fQ.ZIqbBVSgJaXKj73IPYbFeEfie6FUIflv-ausUO-AAzVjPg8-jdhFv3nqsdOVJvE_AB4bXjME1CRVFI7xD2SYCA8V6E6H2-y0XZE8SN_XTpHGMxDvOP27C2VUNQfPwgeWxjXzlDopo_U9ybAEX4QdFhW14aeRgb9YWMDlzSD6VLgJO-LuprxX668Ajq5X9c8YND4D_p4WRDSQr8pqb3rTY9NQ6O34F-OpDJlAUYj0pwMehYWpywVKJHRMv9xCRRoI8HrU6H3J3wo-K2OtQVJi9XFZ8g8sohw_ZaasG7dohxrO-NtYSrOPXIXPI6kCDRuMi7sce06wfno1bC3jBoc83EhiBSBpDbWL98DSjPbF1SaCeE05aATfM5cMEXbnp8Iwh-QLxglE4M-ZISJ8VooxzJxa7cWLlFW-iu0XWVFWrMbYgmSoU0PKRQB47w_IOPxjWzDeMUTSA3esDwkxsYlNdS9SZe201EvI6zur5Ayot0PEGfAgex6Ew-eKOHAfnuDiqeLQLbWs4Y69FO2DooWUhkfVGdl-IGglDPgk2AOs3w19e7mx-Gmm8DlUUr-bK61NPPQ8dy7HPjXnU63-jbA17MAjHaRTO4eKopcZMWbpL-jgQjJltV3R5_0qNODaHCS_auZs2cyqFN0HL9Rred5g7t6Fxyk-8MyyX0GiTyHsp3c

All requests to the Keyclic API need an accessToken in the headers, except for the following endpoints :

  • create an account (POST /security/register)
  • log in (POST /security/login)
  • password change request (POST /security/password/change-request)
  • password change (POST /security/password/change/{changePasswordToken})

Password change

A user who wishes to modify his password performs the next steps.

First, he sends a request to change his password :

POST /security/password/change-request

This request sends an email to the user with a link ending with a verification token. Example :

In the link above, jrtVqBLxxoSA0c2hpsOBN-JQGQHGN3YXsKPMG1PWWWA is the token to be sent in the next request. This part of the URL depends on the application used.

Then the user can change his password with :

POST /security/password/change/jrtVqBLxxoSA0c2hpsOBN-JQGQHGN3YXsKPMG1PWWWA

Editing user data

For data other than the password, the user will request on this endpoint :

PATCH /people/{user}

For more information on PATCH request, see Resource modification.

For example, to change its last name :

    "familyName": "Family name"

A user can change the following data : his familyName, his givenName, his image, his job and his email.